So you are trying to Make Money Online. You’ve been at it for let’s say a couple of months. You know that until you have traffic there are no readers, no buyers and no money. You’re struggling to get your share, but it’s no walk in the park. You’ve worked hard to do every thing right. You’ve followed all of the advice that you have been able to find, of which there is more than one can imagine, and yet you still aren’t getting any serious traffic. Yes, there is the occasional bite. But, where is the traffic? So let’s do a reality check. Have you really done all you can do? Are there more things you can do? Let’s see.

Get Traffic To Make Money Online

1. First of all, of course, you set up your Make Money Online web site. It’s a wonderful, good-looking web site. You may even have had some help from a relative or a friend that designs web sites so it really looks professional; not too Las Vegas, just classy.

2. Well, you have your web site. Now you need do things that will help people to find you. How about a blog. So you set up a blog. And you go first class. You may have started with Google’s, but you soon decided that you need something a little more elegant. So you set up a blog on WordPress. Now you’re getting somewhere. Your blog looks good. You have even added some stuff. You’ve put up a good looking image that fits into your overall message. You’ve added links to your web site, and links to a number of the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Technorati and others. Social networking traffic is a great way to get more views. But where is it?

3. So what do you do next? Well, you can write an article. All the gurus say that article writing is a great way to bring traffic. It’s a lot of work. But find a topic and write about something of interest, such as how frustrated you are. Everyone else is frustrated too so you should get a lot of understanding and readership from your target audience. It will take a couple of weeks for your article to get published, but you’ve got time. After all, you’ve been working at this for a couple of months without much traffic. What are a couple of more weeks?

4. So while you wait for your article to get published, what else can you do? You can advertise. As everyone will tell you, you should go to Google’s AdWords to set up your campaign. Be aware that there are several other places where advertising is cheaper, but let’s admit it. Google’s AdWords has the most extensive tools to help you evaluate how your campaign is doing. This is worth a lot when you are trying to understand if your advertising program is reaching your target audience and which ads are getting the most clicks. You have been told to start slow so you don’t spend a lot of money until you find out which ads work. So you need to work into your ad campaign gradually. So you ease into it. And you probably notice that you are getting a little more traffic, but it still is hardly rush hour

5. What more can you do? Have you done all you can do with the Social Networks? Probably not. You linked your blog to a number of them, but you need to sign up and give each one your profile. Along with your profile you should upload a Photo of yourself. So you need to go to Twitter, Facebook, and the long list of others and sign up. But not only do you need to sign up, you need to start to post on them. For most, all you need is an occasional comment to show you’re an active participant. And you’ll also have the chance to link these sites to your web site; or to mention your blog when you have a new posting.

6. I won’t say finally, because this list could probably go on forever, but there are two more sites, which can really help you attract attention. These two are the HubPages and Squidoo. Both are really author sites. They are looking for writers who will supply good content. It’s not much different than your blog, but you really need to be sure your posts to these are well written. They can be articles you’ve already submitted to ezines and other article directories, but it is better if you put a different title on it and make some changes so that it looks different.

Certainly, there are other things you can do to attract traffic, but when you’ve done all of the above, traffic will start to arrive. Let’s check it out. Yes, believe it or not you can begin to see a trickle of hits. Soon the trickle will grow. And if you’ve really got the killer web site you think you have, your product will start to sell and you may finally find yourself in a real rush hour and your Making Money Online business totally launched.

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